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For more than 24 years the appraisal team at The Aircraft Value Analysis Company (AVAC) Limited have provided proven, consistent and client led appraisals on Commercial Jets, Turboprops & Corporate Jets / Business Aircraft as well as providing an easy to use subscription based publication service.

AVAC Ltd provides MSN specific Aircraft Appraisals, Current Aircraft Values & Future Aircraft Values, Aircraft Residual Values and Aircraft Lease Rates as well as industry leading Publications such as The Aircraft Value Reference (web based downloads) and Aircraft Value News*.

The Aircraft Value Analysis Company team was created to provide informed, independent, timely and accurately researched Aircraft Value Related Analysis and publications to the aviation community.

Calculating Current Values and Forecasting Residual Value requires an appreciation of the dynamic forces affecting supply & demand for all Aircraft Types. To meet the need for an analytical and realistic approach to Market rather than base value forecasting, The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited team combines hands-on experience gained with manufacturers and airlines, post-graduate academic research, in-depth knowledge of aircraft and more than 35 years experience of the aviation market.

Now Available: Collated Current Jet Market Values 1991-2015 & Lease Rentals 2000-2015 on 150+ Aircraft Variants. Extracted from Past Issues of The Aircraft Value Reference. Accurate Insight into Values & Lease Rental Trends. Editable Excel File. Contact for pricing.

Jets October 31st 2015 Now On Line

Both Excel & PDF formats available.

In Jets, A320neo LGW, A330-200 242t, B737-800SSW T/I, MRJ90 added. Half to Full Life Adjustments - Value & Cost Method &

October 31st 2015 Jets On-Line; September 1st 2015 Business Jets On-Line; June 30th 2015 Turboprops On-Line

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